I strive to provide a laid back session. I'm patient and positive and take a casual approach to photographing your family. I like to talk to my clients, get to know them, and make everyone feel at ease.


Newborns and Babies

I have extensive experience with newborns, having had four of my own and working in daycare for 5 years. You can be rest assured that your little one is in good hands. Newborn sessions are long and require breaks to keep baby happy. The baby may be hungry, need a diaper change, or just need a break to be cuddled. They can become fussy from being moved around a lot and, well, simply because they're newborns. Everything is new to them. Parents have the option to stay or take a small break and take a peep every now and then, depending on whether we're in the home or in studio. A lot of times, if the parents (especially mom) are anxious or nervous, baby can sense it and they become fussy. Luckily, fussy babies don't make me anxious and I can usually calm them quite easily. I'm always sure to let parents know when I may need their assistance to calm, feed, change the baby, or even help with a pose. As for older babies, keeping their attention can be difficult. Feel free to bring along a favorite toy or "lovie". You can also sing a little song or break out your dance moves... and I may break mine out as well and I will apologize in advance if I sing!


Young and Older Children

I try to keep them on the move and entertained. I will ask them about their "favorites" and engage them in conversation to help them feel more relaxed. Let's face it, being a kid and having a camera in your face can be intimidating. It also helps if the parents fall back just a bit, but are still close by. It's that whole, "children listen better to others more than parents" deal. However, if your child is shy please use your own judgement on whether it's ok for you to fall back a bit or stay close by. After all, their comfort and security is what's most important.


Family Shots

"Patience is a virtue." That statement could not be more true. Sometimes kids just don't want to sit and look at the camera. Nor, do some adults .(What? Did I really just say that?) I like to get creative and not just focus on that one perfectly posed portrait. I find that the most loved photos are the ones where you can see the true personality of the family as a whole.