Have You Heard???

Eeek! Such an exciting turn this year has taken! In all the hustle and bustle that is life, I have been severely slack on the blogging. Being a homeschool mom of four, wife, and business owner keeps me on my toes! Blogging tends to take a backseat..  So, while everyone else is in bed and while I should be editing, here I sit attempting to blog. Moving on...

Have you heard the good news though? No? Well, let me fill you in! I have these two wonderfully amazing friends! Their names are Kayla and Nicole. Best part is, their photographers and moms too. (Click their names to visit their websites!) We were lucky enough to find one another last year and became very close, very quick. These are my go to gals, my life lines, confidants. I can't remember my life before them and don't want to do life with out them! I thank God for these two everyday!  Here's the best part though! We completely understand, uplift, encouraging, counsel, and support one another. Not often can you find three completely different individuals, whose lives are so opposite yet exactly the same, who also own the same type of business. Especially in the area we live in. So, it would only be expected that we would want to mingle our businesses!

We've been very blessed with the opportunity to open a studio together in our town of North Wilkesboro. It's an amazing place that we can make all our own. It's spacious with two floors, a kitchen, and a full bath! I'm so excited about that! Cleaning kids up after cake smashes will be a breeze! We also have a room especially for newborns and babies, complete with a nursery area for nursing moms, siblings to play,  and diaper/clothes changes. We'll soon be moving in a TV so parents and kids will be more comfortable during those longer newborn sessions. There's also a full kitchen, sitting area,  and a handful of pretty places in the neighborhood for those must have outdoor shots! This isn't all though! I've been asked to come onboard Nicole's team at Nicole Huffman Photography  as a lead wedding photographer. Kayla is coming aboard also, as well as owning Kayla Cree Photography

There you have it! Plain and simple... or as simple as I make it anyway. I'm so glad this Spring has brought forth change for my friends and myself. Here's to making it in 2017!