God is within her, she will not fall.  Psalms 46:5

   I am so excited to start this new adventure with my childhood friend, Tina! As a young teenager, I felt God speak to my heart. He told me I would become a Mom by way of adoption. I never questioned it but that desire was immediately felt. I married Jason in 2007 and shortly after we began the journey to becoming adoptive parents.After a few years, many tears and heartbreaks later, an amazing expectant mother asked us to adopt her unborn baby. Two weeks later I would find myself standing in a labor and delivery room beside a woman who would make me a Mom, watching my son enter the world. Between the excitement, fears, hugs and tears, I was able to take just a couple of photos with my phone. The first week of Jonah's premature life, he became critically ill and had to fight for his life, literally. We spent 2 months in the nicu, 5 hours from home, and prayed over a 3lb baby boy who had just sent us feet first into parenthood.
I remember staring at him with the tubes and ventilator hooked up to his still body and being terrified of the unknown. One of his nicu nurses, who had watched me take a riduclous amount of photos his first few hours of life, walked up to me and encouraged me to continue taking photos of  him. I wasn't sure I wanted to remember those days at that time, but listening to her advice, I began taking his photos again.
Now, 2 healthy years later, I can look back and remember all the obstacles he overcame because I have those moments in photos.
While I have the treasured nicu moments, I don't have the moments in the delivery room. I remember hugging my son's Birth Mom, cutting his cord, and watching her hold him for the first time, but I don't have those moments captured in photos to show our son one day. That thought has tugged at my heart so much since bringing him home. How I wish someone could have been there to capture those moments. I didn't have anyone to photograph us as a new family, or our son's nicu journey, or leaving the hospital with a new baby and now extended family. Finally my heart realized what I needed to do. I needed to combine my passion for photography with my heart for adoption. After prayer and much discussion with Tina, we began working together.
I want to be the person you call when baby is coming and you need a photographer. I want to watch families being created. I want to see tiny fighters beat all odds, and I want to do it all from my camera lens.
My desire is to specialize in maternity/birth/nicu/adoption photography.
I am so thankful God placed this desire in my heart and placed the right person in my life so many years ago, to take this opportunity with!